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Your life is all about ATTITUDE

Have a look at the guy down the bottom of the page. Don’t scroll down straight away. Take the time to read this first and take in the words that you actually read. This is no FUCKING JOKE as I do not take this lightly. I do videos, speak, write stories, play sports, coach, build a business and motivate and connect with people to get them to understand that you only get the ONE LIFE so you better go all in. It’s a mindset.

I wanted to share this with all those people around the globe that need to see this and hear this. This guy right here at the bottom of the page just gave everything he had for 3 hours straight and this is him about halfway through those 3 hours. He was getting smacked around on the tennis court from pillar to post and was basically not even in the contest. But what people from all over the world can learn here is that your tennis game and your life is all about your attitude.

THE HOP(Zac Burhop, the guy in the picture) could have easily said you know what Jade I have had enough of this. I think it’s time to pack it in and go home. I think I will take my bat and ball and move on. But THE HOP(Zac Burhop) didn’t do that. He picked himself off the canvas and he competed like a FUCKING BEAST. The question is are you competing like a BEAST or are you just rolling over when things are terrible and tough??

You know what THE HOP did he said I’m going to keep going and I’m going to get better. I’m going to compete. And compete he did and because he has a great ATTITUDE things started to turn around and he started to get back into the contest. He was like this is not going to get the best of me, I am going to get better. AND HE DID. He started winning a few close contests and the scoreboard looked better. Now did he win the night?? Did he win the overall contest?? No he didn’t. He was far from it. But the point is he could have easily thrown the towel in but he stayed in there and fought and was persistent til he had nothing left to give and believe me he had nothing left. Cramps were setting in and he was beat up like a dodgy prize fighter.

But the bottom line is this folks. He never gave up. He dug in and went through the pain barrier. And you will do the same thing if you want to become better and live the life that you choose. Yes that is correct you will do the same thing if you want to succeed. You will learn to get up and keep charging til things start to turn around. When things get tough you better do what THE HOP does and keep going WIN, LOSE or DRAW. It’s all about your ATTITUDE. Make sure it’s an A+ ATTITUDE and you will have every chance to be a winner also.

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