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September 19, 2016

A productive day today business wise. Some times when it looks like results are not happening you have to just keep pressing fwd. Planting seeds, growing, developing. Staying true to the process is what it is all about. Having the confidence and belief that staying on your path will get you the result you desire.

Had a business meeting this morning with a possible business partner. Will see how things go here. A solid meeting with all cards on the table. I’m looking for a new batch of winners to partner with and to make some stuff happen. It amazes me how many many people act like a dear in headlights. The opportunity is real and it’s massive not to overcome any fears and insecurities because you are out of your comfort zone. Confidence is indeed king and the more confident you are in your own abilities the more you will impact, inspire and achieve.

Jade Culph(The Culphman)

Empire(The Journey)

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