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September 13, 2016

When you are building a business that has the potential to change the entire landscape and future of your entire family there are going to be major ups and downs. Not only that but you have to be able to handle all these ups and downs and be willing to improve throughout the process. Life happens and curve balls and heavy shit is going to come at you regardless of what you are doing. The key is to look at the things you can control and go all in on those things. This is my focus at this very point in time. It is time to change the goal posts and it’s time to make a new push over the next couple of months. It is just that simple.

To win the game it is entirely up to me. The game is challenging yes and that is what makes it so appealing as well. The great thing is that the results at the end for mastering the game are absolutely incredible and that is why it is worth putting up with the curveballs, the ups and the downs.

Meeting new people and setting up appointments is the name of the game. Showing the business model and exposing the opportunity to new faces is what it is all about. Sticking to the basics is absolute key. It is what will separate the winners from the losers.

I spoke to a guy today in the library who I had left an ad pack with a week ago and what do you know I will catch him early next week and we will see if he’s a good fit to take on as a partner.

Business Information Session tonight was a good night. Frustrating to see team members having a tough time of it out there in the marketplace but that’s the name of the game. Personal growth must take place and all we can control is our attitude and our actions and that is what I will indeed do. BASICS, BASICS, BASICS.

Jade Culph

Empire(The Journey)

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