Good morning everybody. Do you ever feel a burn inside to express things with passion and power? Times when you can have a positive impact on people’s lives. I have these moments and yes I have them often and I share them with my amazing team of Go Getters and Game Changers. This today is not only going to them but it is going to the entire world because how can I impact if I keep it to myself. That would be classified as selfish in my eyes.

Another cracking day to have an impact on others and move your life fwd to the life you want to live and deserve.

If you have problems figuring out what you want in life then just flip it around and say out loud what you don’t want.

Do you want struggle, poor health, uncertainty, pain, poverty, stress, indirection and chaos????

Or what about this.

What about a life of health, fun, stress free, no pressures, choices, peace of mind, travel options, helping others, more $$$$ in your bank account to take care of family and a life of abundance??

2 questions, one choice. You cannot have both. It is one or the other. So be careful which one you choose. An easy decision Huh?

The question is what are you doing about it??

Are you in the game or just watching like the 95%??? Don’t be a spectator, be a player. You cannot win from the sideline you can only complain, heckle and ask what ifs.

There is a game going on. The game of life and your number has been called.

Are you ready to play????

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