Listening to a podcast today and I heard about an idea that looks to be moving fwd in relation to movies. The idea is called The Screening Room where households can pay an affordable fee to register. What this does is give them access to the system. Every time a new movie is released those that have signed up and can then pay $50 to watch that movie from the comfort of their own home within 48 hours of the release. So instead of leaving your home, fighting traffic, searching for a park, paying ridiculous prices on movie tickets, then hitting up the popcorn and candy store for more money than your tickets before filing in to see your movie. You can watch the same movie by pressing a button and that movie will pop up on your screen possibly before the film is even in cinemas. IS THIS SOUNDING FAMILIAR??

The comments that were made in the podcast were based around the realisation that massively successful business ventures all revolve around (Internet) online screening. Even movie theatres and cinemas are now going to feel the pinch.

High Tech and High Touch Digital Information Age Business Models are changing the world and if your working a job over the next 2–5 years then you’ve missed it.

Our business model is the greatest business model on planet earth. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. This new venture which will be known as The Screening Room backs that up. The future is what we are talking about here and it is indeed unlimited.

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