It has indeed been a while since I have blogged but I wanted to share this insight which i think gives great value and impact. Brock Lesnar returned to the UFC ring a couple of months ago and won his fight over Mark Hunt. It wasn’t that Lesnar won it was the comments he made after the fight that caught my attention and the message that it can serve all humans throughout life. This is what I wrote after I saw his comments after the fight.

I hope you enjoy it……

Fantastic insight and mindset here from WWE and UFC Star Brock Lesnar. Brock fought for the first time in the UFC in five years over the weekend.

Read what Brock had to say post match on his win. Great words that anybody can apply in any endeavour.

Brock Lesnar indeed not lying to himself and not wanting any regrets.




“I didn’t want to be sitting on my tractor 20 years from now wondering, ‘God, I wonder if I would have just fought one more time?’” Lesnar told before the fight. “So I’m going to take care of that speculation right now, and when I’m sitting on my tractor in 20 years I can say, ‘Now that was fun.’ … It takes some balls to live life to the fullest. Who in the hell would do this? I’m fortunate. I really am. It takes big balls to do this, but I’ve always stuck my neck out there. You just lay it on the line.”

“I believe any man can do whatever he wants if he puts his mind to it,” Lesnar said. “I’ve been out of this game for five years and I stepped back into the cage after training for six weeks and I put a good beating on Mark Hunt. I think anything is possible.”


Something in that for all of us Huh?????

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