5 Great Ways to Waste Your PTO this Holiday

You spent the three weeks between Thanksgiving and the start of your Christmas PTO planning out how you were going to be productive and get around to everything on your “Things I’d Do If I Didn’t Have to Be at Work” list. Reality is, unless its a holiday or the weekend, you’ve forgotten what day it is and pajamas sound way more inviting than using this unusually warm winter to train for a marathon your friends have guilted you into. No worries, I’ve made you a better list, — an honest one. One that efficiently helps you decide how to waste this sudden excess of time you’ve found yourself with.

  1. Enjoy the weather because the world is ending

This is number one because its absolutely amazing. If not for the balmy temps do it for the ‘gram. Grill out in winter like your cali friends just to say you did it. Grab a fire pit from Home Depot and have bonfire. If you’re feeling really ambitious, beat the “New Year, New Me” crowd to the punch and go for a jog. Get weird with it and wear a sweatshirt and shorts at the same time.

2. Find out “Who Won in 2015”

Nothing better than a nice recap of all those who evaded cringe worthy, career stalling, summer jam screen moments of failure this year and actually managed to level up. This is Rembert Browne’s 5th annual recap and he’s got it down to a science. More importantly, Drake isn’t on it. Check it out here.

3. Cook a whole bunch of food you saw on Buzzfeed

I’m almost certain at least one of your goals for your glo up in 2016 is to eat out less/eat healthier. Check the buzzfeed site for quirky recipes and ways to switch up your weekly meal prep. At minimum, you’ll discover how a poached egg is actually made, and whether or not you spent 2015 pronouncing “gnocchi” wrong. Some of my favorites are the Pizza Grilled Cheese and Red Wine Hot Chocolate.

4. Netflix your entire life away and/or Find out why everyone’s talking about Jessica Jones

After a full day of scrolling social media, viewing viral videos and enjoying the sunny side of global warming it won’t matter if you ever reach the “and chill” part of the night. Grab your red wine hot chocolate and sip through a never ending cycle of cinema via this list.

5. Don’t leaving Dabbing or Santa in 2015

No matter what the party poopers on your timeline say, you can happily Dab, describe exciting experiences as “lit” and continue to play christmas music right on into 2016 (Note: The expiration date for the christmas music is 1/10). As a matter of fact, you should actually pull some Inception-level sorcery and Jingle Dab while wearing your Dabbing Santa sweater. Check out out the video here.