Ready, Set, “Hoe”: 8 Sex-Positive Podcasts for Valentine’s Day

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Feb 14, 2018 · 5 min read

Love is in the air, these 8 sex positive podcasts should be in your ear

On January 31st we made a huge mistake: we set resolutions and goals for everything except for sex. Instead of a stark and sad reminder of the dry spell you’ve been stuck in since Thanksgiving, let’s make this Valentine’s Day the moment you grab this year by the horns and reevaluate what you want out of your sex life. Plus, you’re not alone! These 8 sex positive podcasts will give you the tools you need to cum into your own. Pun intended.

  1. Inner Hoe Uprising

Listen if: you’re a woke sex positive shorty trying to make the most out of dating in a world filled filled misogynoir, fuckboys and way too many wyd texts.

Hosts Sam, Rob, Akua, and Rodecka somehow manage to have you blushing at their hoe tales, riled up about the latest injustice against black femmes and queer folks and inspired by their discussions on self care — all in a single episode! Their guests offer a wide variety of perspectives — from swingers, to spiritual hoes, to survivors of sexual assault. IHU is a safe space that encourages you to get in touch your healthiest Inner Hoe.

Recommended Episodes: A Lifestyle Pro Dominatrix, Dearest Hoes, Threesome Whispers

Inner Hoe Uprising

2. The Sexually Liberated Woman Podcast

Listen if: You’re curious or ready to embark on your own sexual awakening. Host, Ev’Yan Whitney started the podcast to chronicle her own journey to sexual healing and awakening, and it has since blossomed into a safe haven for women around the world to embrace their own sexual empowerment. In each episode Ev’Yan uses her insight to challenge the way we traditionally think about sexuality in a warm and refreshing way. Although The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast is woman-focused, content is informative and engaging for everyone.

Recommended Episodes: How to Have Better Sex with Your Partner with Polarity, How to Find Sexual Liberation After Trauma, Your Sexuality Questions Answered!

The Sexually Liberated Woman Podcast

3. WHOREible Decisions

Listen if: You’ve ever made a “questionable” move in your sex life and are in search of brown, empowered and sex-positive homegirls to laugh it off and process it. Planning to tune in at work (or in public period)? Be prepared to look crazy because hosts Mandii B and WeezWTF’s deliver their content with rawness and humor.

Recommended Episodes: Busting a Load in Heels and a Hoe Coach, Online Dating Woes and Cosplay, Monogamy Does Exist

Whoreible Decisions

4. Savage Life Podcast

Listen if: You have a “weird sex thing” you’ve secretly been wondering about. Step into the Savage Life, with host and board certified sex therapist, Raquel Savage as your guide. Through her hilarious and down-to-earth approach, Raquel tackles taboos like “boy pussy” and “hoe business” ultimately helping you become a more informed and sexually savvy version of you!

Recommended Episodes: Creampie Cartel, Pipe Her, Cum on Demand

The Savage Life Podcast

5. Sexual Flavas

Listen if: You’re in need of a no-judgement zone to unpack sex, love, relationships and womanhood. True to their show name, Sexual Flavas is sure to please a range of palates. Through the perspectives of a wife and mother, a businesswoman and a free spirited creative hosts, Almond,Caramel and Mocha break down topics like angry sex, when kinky sex goes wrong, and how to avoid getting cheated on. So, what do you have a taste for?

Recommended Episodes: Fuck Me on the Side, Name That Orgasm, You Can’t Identify This Pussy!

Sexual Flavas

6. Black Widow

Listen if: You lovvvvvve a good sex story and are in need of a eargasm. Step into the shoes of fictional narrator Jessica Kelly, as she uses scripted erotica to explore her sexuality while trying to avoid drama. Jessica is a sexually empowered millennial woman who leaves no juicy detail uncovered, from a sexual attraction to her best friends dad to navigating a sticky and steamy situationship.

Recommended Episodes: Episode 1: It Goes Down in the DM, Episode 7: Lesson 1, Season 2 Episode 1 Teaser

Black Widow

7. Here for It

Listen if: You’ve been searching for edutainment from a black gay male perspective. Here for It, is here for you. Hosts Supaman and Ronald Matters offer colorful commentary and sexpertise centered on the LGBT experienced. Tune in for their industry takes topics like celebrity gay culture, how to use popular hook-up app, jack’d safely and bottom shaming. Don’t just take it from us though, Here for It was recognized as Podcasts in Color’s Top 100 Podcasts of 2017.

Recommended Episodes: No Cock is Supposed to Be Here, Case of the Ex, Topping Tops

Here for It

8. VagEsteem

Listen if: The last time you brushed up on your sex education was in your middle school science class. Forget everything you hated about sex education (the awkwardness and the boring clinical perspective *eyeroll*) and join health educator Vanessa Geffrard’s empowering community of sisters in control of their sexuality. In each episode, Vanessa provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the sexy topics you secretly google in incognito mode. Through her both polished and poppin approach Vanessa examines all aspects of sexuality from sex and disabilities, to loving God and getting your freak on, to blow job techniques. BONUS: This podcast series is also a workshop, so you can get hands on and grow your sexual knowledge in person!

Recommended Episodes: Eating the Pussy Like Groceries, The Clit Is Your Friend!, Why Did God Create the Clit Then?

VagEsteem Podcast

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