Voice search is more convenient for many users. Increasingly, people are using voice search to get the organic, fast returns they want. Yes, return from voice searches are faster. If you’re wondering what percentage of actual searches are voice, the answer is around 50% and rising.

Want voice search statistics?

If you remain unconvinced, there are a ton of statistics you can get off the web via a good old-fashioned typed-in, or voice, search, which show that voice search is on the rise and already significant. Just say, “What percentage of searches are voice?” And you’ll get a lot of interesting information.

For example:

The quick answer to this question is yes, Google reviews definitely help SEO. But more interesting than this are the reasons why Google reviews help SEO. Understand Google’s reasoning and you’ll get clues into how it works, what it likes and dislikes, or more appropriately, gives higher and lower ranking factors to. And if you understand more about Google SEO, you’ll gain valuable insight for even better SEO performance.

Google wants to be a human

If you didn’t already know, Google is big into AI (Artificial Intelligence). Google is advancing its AI platform and resources all the time, with its stated objective being to advance “AI…

Font, or ‘typeface’, is a crucial aspect of your brand. With your website being an online translation of your brand, why wouldn’t you put as much thought and consideration into font and typography, as, say, the colour palette or layout?

When you stop to consider that every word your browser reads is in a font, and that 95% of the information on the internet is in readable form, it’s easy to see how typeface is your brand opportunity not to be missed.

You need to choose the right typeface to strengthen your brand experience and therefore have a better chance…

The value of professionally written copy for your website should not be underestimated. Not only will professionally written words make you stand out from your competitors, but you can use those words again and again for other marketing purposes.


A professional copywriter of websites will ensure that every word counts. Character counts for online copy have to be minimal, therefore writers use special editing techniques to make sure each word sings for its supper. There’s no ‘waffle’ and nothing vague.

Soundbites are phrases that are succinct and concise — to the point. Your professionally written website copy should be full…

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to build a website yourself, and you have the time and inclination to put into building your own website, then it is completely possible. It will never have the functionality, power and capability of a bespoke build by a knowledgeable developer, but if you want a small, simple site, and are set on building it yourself, you can.

For a strictly do-it-yourself approach to building your own website, here are the four steps of the process you’ll need to go through.

Step 1: Decide on the platform to build your website on

The platform is the Content Management System (CMS) you will use to build…

Professional photography is not the cheapest, and if budget is an issue for your web build, you may have free stock imagery in mind, or, even, consider taking the images yourself. But before you decide, take a moment to read our reasons below for considering the investment of hiring a professional photographer for your website images:

D-I-Y photos look like D-I-Y photos

You have around 15 seconds to make an impression on a visitor to your website. Actually, theories vary around the number of seconds, but all agree, it’s hardly any time at all. One of the reasons why people will leave your website is that…

If you’re writing web content to be viewed on a mobile device, there are a few rules of thumb to remember when creating the winning content that users want and will engage the most with.

Don’t waste users’ time

Get across what you need to say to your user in four paragraphs or less, or about 70 words. Make your main points upfront so the user knows what your content is about. The content must be focused and relevant to your user. Why have they landed on your page? Is it for advice? Is it to find out about a new product? …

In 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics, only 5% of us worked mainly from home, with up to a quarter having some experience of homeworking. Now, with mostly all but key workers working from home due to coronavirus lockdown, the question is whether businesses and their employees will ever completely return to the office once the social restrictions are lifted.

Businesses that had not previously embraced homeworking and were reluctant to, have had to adapt in order to survive and go through the somewhat painful processes of changing the way they work. …

It’s good practice to do what you can to make sure your website is as accessible as possible. One in five people in the UK have a long-term illness or disability and you want your website to be enjoyed and accessed by as many people as possible.

What is website accessibility?

Website accessibility is the practice of making sure that there are no barriers to preventing people with disabilities from accessing a website’s information. But what are accessibility features, and how can you make sure you’re putting these in place? We’ll start with the guidance:

The government guidelines regarding accessibility standards for websites of…

The question these days is not whether you should get your business online, but rather, how much of your business you should get online. We’re talking about the processes, functions and protocols that make your business operate.

Research shows that investment spent by businesses automating manual business saves money in the short and long-term, as well as providing a range of other business-health benefits. But it’s automating using web-based solutions that gives the extra assurance of resilience, customer satisfaction and ‘work anywhere’ capability that propels your businesses to the next level.

Your workforce will shine with a new energy

If you have any of the following, they are…

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