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If your perfectly crafted emails keep missing your recipients’ inboxes, and instead go to their spam or junk folders, it can be frustrating. But why does it happen?

As it’s more likely to be a problem with your actual mail messages rather than the mail service provider, we take a look at why your emails might be going to spam or junk folders, and what you can do about it.

Spam filters are getting really good

One of the reasons more emails go to spam and junk folders these days is simply because the spam filters are more sophisticated than they’ve ever been. Spam filters now…

With so many of us now working from home on a permanent, semi-permanent or ‘until further notice’ basis, it’s no surprise that product and tech designers are piling their efforts into making our working from home more joyful, comfortable and entertaining.

From wellbeing apps to cable organisers, to improvements in the actual technology we need to work from home, here are some of the most useful, weird and wonderful innovations hitting the market.

  1. Microsoft Teams are planning to up the experience of your conference calls and include the faces on your screen of everyone you are in the call with…

If you had to say one thing, as a business, that you need most from your IT service, what would it be? Data security? Backup of your systems? Or maybe, flexible help and support for your team in their everyday work?

Can you say that there is one aspect of business IT, over and above all others, that is the most important? Or is it more complicated than that?

In a recent LinkedIn survey, security and backup came at the top of businesses’ list, as the most valued aspect of the IT services they receive. …

Do you want more Google reviews? Your answer is unlikely to be no. Google reviews improve your SEO, your brand reputation and the decisions prospective customers make about you when considering whether to buy your products and services.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could make it as easy as possible for your customer to leave you an online Google review?

If you’ve plucked up courage to ask a customer for a review, you’re going to feel a whole lot more comfortable providing them with the most efficient way to do this.

If your customer is busy, they may…

If you’ve invested in new technology for your business, you’re going to need an element of IT support to go with it. A bit like, if you open up a shop, you’re going to need to employ someone, if not yourself, to open up that shop each day and keep it running smoothly. From stock management to security, from pest control to payment compliance — there’s a lot more to running a shop than procuring the premises!

In the same way, new tech alone for your business does not fulfil attention to your technology requirements. IT is essential for businesses…

At a time when contact has to be kept to a minimum during COVID-19, it may seem as if some jobs can only be carried out face-to-face. But innovative use of tech means that those who need to stay away from the frontline can, whilst still working to be of vital support in their roles.

Cultrix recently spoke to a healthcare professional who was enabled to work from home due to their underlying health conditions and need to keep safe. …

It’s the biggest change in the communication industry for 30 years. Despite falling numbers of UK businesses using the soon-to-be-defunct analogue ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) and PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) to make calls and send faxes, around 40% still need to fully migrate to an IP (Internet Protocol) system.

Let’s look at why BT are switching off analogue after December 2025; what you should do if this move affects you, and what will be the resulting benefits of changing to internet-based communications.

So why are BT switching off analogue phonelines?

It’s partly to do with cost, in that the technology for analogue phonelines, namely copper lines…

By using technology to automate business functions, their costs are reduced. Ever heard the phrase ‘time is money’? Tasks that once took employees hours to complete can now be totally, or partially, automated, saving literally hundreds of worker hours a year. Not only that, but automation reduces the chances of human error, and the loss caused by those errors.

Here are some technology-specifics that can help businesses reduce costs:

Cloud storage

In the old days, businesses used to keep a lot of paper files containing their data. Then those paper files gradually turned into data stored on hard drives. Both these ways…

There’s never been a better time for businesses to upgrade to Microsoft Teams. For one thing, if you’re still using Skype for Business, it will no longer be available as a service after 31st July 2021. Will this be a big change for your business and workforce?

Microsoft seem to know it’s a big deal for businesses to change, for instance, migrating every doc and file to the cloud, and no longer emailing colleagues, but using cloud-based applications instead. …

Internet providers will want to provide your business with the highest internet speed possible, whether you use it or not. But what internet speed will you need for your business? And how will you know if you are actually getting the speed you pay for?

When considering the internet speed for your business, your prime consideration will probably be to not pay for more than you need, while at the same time wanting to ensure that your staff have adequate enough speed to do their jobs. …


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