Donald Trump — He is just the bold and gusty messenger so why Shoot him?

Were his comments about mexicans uncomfortable, most certainly!

Were his comments mis-guided? Totally!

But before becoming blue as a smurf out of anger, let’s pause for a moment to dig past the surface, go deeper and dare to ask for the belief, naivety and ignorance surrounding his latest rant.

My angle of choice to discuss this, is the ignorance and lack of awareness of the contemporary american society to get us beyond the immediate surface of this greater issue in order to understand how decades and centuries of bad Foreign Policies has fathered its biggest bastard love child: Immigration problem and nightmare.

As a society, we have to be willing to admit that Donal Trump may have been the one to boldly share his opinion on live media, but he is most certainly not the only individual who feels the way he does about immigrants.

He was talking about Mexicans but the bigger picture of his position is really on immigrants and job leaving the US for foreign countries.

— Do most Americans understand why someone migrate to another country?

— Are most Americans aware of the decade and century of damaging contribution of US Foreign Policies in other countries?

— Do most Americans understand the damaging outcome created by those policies? Most likely not!

— Do most American understand that our current immigration challenges are directly related to those policies and damaging contribution of our Foreign Policies in other countries? NO

To put it bluntly, most Americans, including Donald Trump, are very ignorant about what those practices have been and how they do impact and bear consequences for the US even if those policies were/are implemented in foreign soil.

Donald Trump may have been the one to vocally expressed his opinion about immigration and border control but he is most certainly just a mouth piece, not the solo member of that club.

Need more proof? How long have the immigration debate been on the table?

Remember the recent controversy around the Arizona SB 1070 law?

Very few citizens are able to truly understand how the relationship between their country and other nations directly impact what happens within their society…. immigration, drug, increase in diversity just to name a few.

To address this challenge, my proposal is for every media outlet to do a segment on US relations with Mexico, the Good, The Bad, The Ugly for the purpose of informing mainstream Americans as to how things got started.

My suggestion to all Mexican based institutions is to take the approach of educating on the contribution of Mexico and Mexicans to the US economy, US society and the world at large.

When someone is bold enough to be vulnerable and show their lack of knowledge, take the opportunity to education them not chastise them for their ignorance.

Donald Trump has just given the US a great opportunity to understand the direct impact of their past and current actions on other soil. This is a “live” world geography and globalization course just waiting to be thought, let’s use this window to teach this course with the expected outcome of addressing some of the real root causes of illegal immigration.

Instead of the “hate” Donald Trump movement and the propensity to retaliate with our own rant, let’s address the uncomfortable.

Ignorance is just as deadly as cancer, but the cure is a lot simpler and accessible to all.

If you are on social media, it means that you have a voice, use it to educate about the contribution of your heritage/community to your country of residence. Share 2 things daily you know about your heritage.

Don’t try to bark louder then the apparent mean “dog”, bark smarter by changing the situation for the greater advancement of all involve.

My next article will focus specifically on 3 of those foreign policies and demonstrate how they directly fed into some of the border crossing problems that the US is having a challenge solving.

The third article to follow will aim to help readers understand why most Americans are truly unaware of the impact of the foreign policy practices of the US.

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