Some News

As of today, we are going to be taking a break from posting socially after we mention a relationship between a Global 2000 company and ourselves.

For the last few months we’ve been holding off on releasing some new branding and exciting updates to our platform, but as things will shortly be going public, we want to inform our customers, users, followers, and prospective relationships in the spirit of transparency.

After more than two months of ongoing discussions via emails, phone calls, and a 3-hour, in-person meeting — with not one, not two, but six top executives being involved throughout — we are pursuing legal remedies for their highly unethical and unlawful behavior.

In the in-person meeting, which both parties agreed was confidential, we revealed several trade secrets and in-depth details of our intellectual property that have never been exposed publicly. The Global Head and Executive Vice President of the entire business unit that we were a great fit synergistically to join, per this person’s words, had agreed on an acquisition in our meeting (what else would be talked about during a 3-hour meeting?).

Upon looping in two other Executive Vice Presidents that were mentioned would finalize a deal (again per this person’s words), we were told that they were instead having an internal debate of whether to ‘acquire us or build it organically’ — the latter of the two ended up being their choice.

To take our intellectual property and trade secrets, which were disclosed in that meeting for purposes of showcasing how valuable our technology was both to the market and to them as a company, the blatant illegal and unethical conduct of building a competing product internally was decided upon by their leadership team.

Even though we are a startup and they are a Global 2000 company, we are truly blessed to have one of the top law firms in the world on our side and in agreement with us.

We wanted to let you know again in the spirit of transparency and to thank all of you for your continued support and engagement. All platform services will continue uninterrupted during this time of litigation.