Why is Chicago so violent?

🎧By Culture Kulture

There are a few theories going around regarding the local violence that’s plagued Chicago for decades. Chicago has a bloody history, from mobsters and mafia, Jim Crow segregation and the lynching of black people, to Regan-omics and the crack epidemic, and the impact of gang culture. For starters, I want to acknowledge that the state of Illinois isn’t listed as one of the top 25 states suffering from gun violence. I must also add that regardless of the sensationalization of violence through media and other politicians, the city of Chicago isn’t listed as one of the top 25 states suffering from gun violence based on data.

Nerveless, similar to the entire United States of America Chicago does have a violence problem. Some locals believe that when several of the former CHA housing projects on the West, North, and South side where torn down that this created tension around the city. The displacement and scattering of several former CHA residents is definitely a factor. Especially, since several of them now live amongst rival gang territory. When you grow up in many of the poor divested areas, the gangs consider you affiliated based on the neighborhood you were born in. In addition to the displacement of residents, there is a belief that the removal of the head gang leaders created chaos amongst what use to be organized gangs.

Then there is the combination of illegal drugs and guns being distributed and brought into Chicago from states within close proximity and other illegal black markets. The part that isn’t being told is that the areas of Chicago most impacted by the violence are the poorest and most divested neighborhoods in the city. In particular the neighborhoods with the largest population of Black and Latino residents.

The history of American racist housing policies are still reflected in the present day segregated neighborhoods of Chicago. Every neighborhood in Chicago is full of law abiding, hardworking, students, and blue collar professionals. Unfortunately, there is a small minority that disrupts the peace and amplifies violence throughout the city. I won’t give my full analysis on what it will take to curve the violence this time. In one of my follow up articles, I will concentrate on the problems and possible solutions.



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