My Point of View (15 vs 30) Collaboration Piece (Review)

When I first subscribed to Vino
 I saw the creative consistency 
 you can really tell when someone is committed to their creativity and vino is one of them.
 There was one video in Particular that really blew me away. It is titled “15 VS 30”.
 The Video feats another poet named Celina
 The video was nothing short of a culture fuse.
 Both gave their perspectives on how they view the world. It is interesting to hear the differences and similarities from two different age groups and genders on their paradigms of the world we live in. I very much appreciate what the have done here. Take a look and listen for yourself.

Direct link to video:

My point of view (15 vs 30)

Collaboration Piece

-Atman (Culturefusemedia.Com)


“Published on Sep 2, 2017I hope that this will be the first of many collaboration pieces I do with all of these awesome poets on here. This talented girl is 15 years old but has a poetic soul meant for the ages. The concept of this piece was to see how the young and the old view this world. Depression has a way to touch generations.”

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