There’s A Problem With My Writing

“I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember,” I said, like so many young hopefuls like me. It’s true. I have. The problem is that I’m neither getting younger nor more hopeful. The only obstacle to “writing for real” is myself.

My writing has earned many adjectives over the years. My writing is passionate. My writing can be funny. My writing is academic. My writing may even be skilled, if I were to be so bold to say so. There is one thing that my writing has never been, it pains me to realize. I have never been “prolific”.

Quantity may or may not be something admirable to strive for, but I find is something I lack. Every time a writing opportunity presents itself to me, I scramble for a week, realizing that I don’t have samples for that particular format or style. I have no portfolio. Odd, given that I love to write so much. In realizing this, I’m embarking on a modest quest to collect pieces that I am proud of all in one platform.

This is the place where I will gather my writing of all kinds: gaming editorials, fiction, opinion pieces, whatever strikes me. I hope that if nothing else, I can clear the low bar of eventually calling this collection my portfolio. If I am fortunate enough, or perhaps bold enough, I may earn the title “Prolific”.

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