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Yes. I will admit it. I am in love with Bruce Campbell. My fiance knows it and has accepted this fact of life. When I worked at the radio station, my friend was one of the afternoon show hosts and interviewed Bruce Campbell when Bubba Ho-Tep was out in theaters. I came in the next morning after the interview with a voicemail from Bruce Campbell. It was so amazingly awesome!

But why do I love Bruce Campbell?

Because Bruce Campbell. . .that’s why. I have been in love with Bruce Campbell ever since I saw a little ditty called Sundown: The Vampire’s Retreat (anybody remember this movie?) back in the 90s. This movie fits perfectly into the B movie horror style category that I adore. You had Maxwell Caufield, David Carradine, our beloved Bruce Campbell, and Deborah Foreman rounding out this cast. If you regularly watch any B Horror Movies, you’ll notice a few other actors who seem to frequent that circuit like Christopher Bradley (Waxwork- another movie I love oh so much!) After seeing Sundown and loving his character in that movie (he plays the great great great grandson of Van Helsing), I noticed he was also in a movie called Army of Darkness. Back then I had no idea that this cinematic gem was part of the fantabulous Evil Dead series. These b horror movies changed my movie tastes forever and made me the horror fan I am today. I will forever love his style and the way he handles every role he plays. His charm, charisma, humor and wit are just a few reasons he is my favorite actor.

So in honor of all horror geeks everywhere and especially in honor of those Bruce Campbell admirers like myself, I’m dedicating this #5 Fandom Friday post to my favorite actor of all time. . .The ever deserving-ever amazing- ever brilliant- Bruce Campbell.

Let the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness quotes begin!

1) This is my Boomstick!

Yes, we all knew this one was going to be on the list. . .I mean, how could it not? It literally is in my tagline for my blog. I also proudly wear a t-shirt with this scene and phrase on it as often as I can. I’ve gotten a few weird looks. But when I pass by somebody that gets it, we exchange a look like yep. . exactly.

2) Good. .Bad. .I’m the guy with the Gun!

One of my favorites. Ash delivers this line like Dirty Harry almost. Nonchalant and as cool as can be.

3) Hail to the King Baby!

This is the last line in the theatrical released version of Army of Darkness, where Ash battles a deadite when he returns back to his time. Another quote that you can find in the About Me section of CuppaGeek by a picture of Bruce Campbell drinking a cup of tea.

4) Groovy

If you are a fan of these movies, this really needs no explanation of how awesome it is. This is probably the second most popular phrase from these movies.

5) Shop Smart. . .Shop S-Mart.

S-Mart is where Ash works. At the end of Army of Darkness, Ash takes care of business when a deadite follows him back to his original time.

Anybody else as excited as I am about the Ash vs Evil Dead series coming up? I can’t wait in just a few weeks (end of September I believe) Bruce Campbell will once again play the role of Ash. I ask you, how can this not be amazingly awesome?

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek


Originally published at on August 14, 2015.

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