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Fred Stutzman Cool Digital Librarian

Fred stood looking down at a piece of paper the first time I saw him. I was attending my first Barcamp, the unconference where attendees structure the day. Fred was a beacon of calm confidence in an otherwise chaotic scene.

Imagine several hundred mostly guys and mostly techies gathered in the old Red Hat building on a Saturday. BarCamps are fun, challenging and each one I attended had me wondering what I paid hundreds or thousands to “conferences” for. Barcamp’s were better.

Fred was earning advanced degrees at the UNC Library School then. Don’t let that name create the wrong impression.

The UNC Library School has some amazing digital minds attending, teaching and guiding. What is a library in today’s world after all? Librarians, once seen as a traditional occupation, are something different now. Librarians are cool, smart and they may understand information’s push and pull better than most (or anyone).

Fred is the kind of brilliant yet humble genius you want to work with.

I’ve “worked with” him for a handful of days and each experience left me wanting more. When you are as deep in digital marketing as I’ve been for fifteen years finding those so far ahead I will never catch up can be hard. Not at Barcamp and not if you know Fred. Fred is one of those people you can learn volumes from in minutes. His understanding runs that deep and his ability to explain to the clueless (me in this case

runs deeper.

Barcamp provides a view into how someone solves problems in real time.

In that room all those years ago almost EVERYONE was levels of technical understanding higher than the writer of this post, but a handful made my lack of experience and understanding OKAY. True brilliance is always humble. Really smart people like Fred have confidence built from repeatedly being tossed into the deep end of the pool with only a vague understanding of “swimming”. Swimming was something geniuses like Fred Stutzman saw somewhere on a friend’s computer some time ago. Fred’s of the digital world never drown. Martin’s not so much (lol).

Fred’s “liquid smart” intelligence is an archetype for technical businessmen. Fred’s personality is engaging, instructive and curious. Curiosity is another common trait. Curiosity more like a spider’s purpose driven, jungle defining and web building curiosity instead of a cat’s random, “Shiny Object” ADD. Fred’s ability to FOCUS is probably what led to his and his team’s creation of an app sure to help you, me and everyone we know reclaim our lives.

Do You Want To Be Free

Like most cool tech things sure to scale we can explain Fred and his team’s “Freedom App” in a single picture:

Fred’s Freedom app puts YOU, me and everyone we know back in control. You can turn IT off and back on. IT is the digital chaos the insistent Sturm und Drang of our lives. Storms and pressures unchecked overtake, enslave and eliminate rationality. Our sense of magnetic north and our love for each other are going, going, gone. Such a despoiled future isn’t the ONLY future. The same technology that enslaves can liberate too as Uber, airbnb and Freedom prove.

If you are an investor and want to ride the next wave invest in Fred’s Freedom app. I watched VC Bill Gross’ TED Talk explain TIMING is the most crucial CSF (Critical Success Factor) for startup success. Freedom will define what must be the next wave — our desire to be BACK in control of our lives.

What is the alternative? Can we give MORE of our lives to the storms and passions created by much ado about nothing over and over with increasing speed and fury? Can the next Shakespeare, Einstein or Marie Curie entertain, define and heal us without Freedom over the digital demand curve? NO. Fred’s Freedom app is about to change the world in a good way. Buy freedom, use it, invest in Fred’s company and you will get to say, “I saw it, used it and I run my life digital and otherwise now not the other way around”.


Originally published at on June 28, 2015.

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