Genius Lunch at Precision Lender

My friend Phil Buckley is a genius. “When I call these brainstorming sessions Genius Lunches everyone wants to come,” Phil told me several years ago. Add simple marketing wisdom like that with great networking skills and genius results.

Today’s Genius Lunch at Phil’s employer Precision Lender in Cary was about how to create markets in the reluctant banking industry. Bankers seem to be stuck in “No, but,” thinking instead of embracing the web’s collaborative, community-based and then commercial ethos being created by the web’s ubiquitous connection, love of stories and ability to share massive amounts of information fast.

Curagmai post on market making marketing topics discussed at Genius Lunch. Usual suspects such as building sustainable, gamified and fun online communities came up with cool new ideas / takes on how to break through to the other side.