One Man’s Interview:

A Letter To Conservative Parents

Last night I wrote a short letter to my parents (who are conservative minded) about the very recent VOX interview with President Obama. After reading the interview it was clear to me that I had to vocalize my thoughts about how the interview portrayed him as an individual. Not as a man who objectifies a political persuasion.

The letter sought to disarm the common rhetoric found in typical media, and distill my observation down to a more basic, more human level.

The President is just one man, and that’s the (overlooked) point.

Hi Fam,
I really try to stay logical and outside politics. I don’t think this is one of those times, but it may feel like it just because Obama’s name is in the subject line.
In the end, this interview is just words from one man. In our current political world, there are no verifiable truths unless they are gleaned from context we observe ourselves.
In that respect, I feel that this interview is worth reading. In Obama’s stage, it makes sense he would be more candid — “no more elections to win.” What I thought this interview showed was that he can talk intelligently about more than the high-level scripted talking points that typical presidents get. It feels like he understands some of what is going on underneath the hood. I felt that he had true sincerity with his answers — maybe actually coming “clean” about what its like to be in that spotlight, or what he actually thinks while in that spotlight.
In any case, domestic and foreign policy are covered, it’s a bit of a read, but one I thought to share. Again this isn’t about Obama, I am sharing this more for the fact that I think (finally) we are getting some truthful answers about the behind the scenes — and that’s a welcome change.
I hope everyone is well.

I did receive a response. Just one so far — from my father. While I don’t believe that my attempt at probing into his empathy for Obama as a man completely got through — the basic message generated a rather disarming response.

John: you wrote that very well!!!! — Dad

For the record, I’m not aligned to a specific set of commonly associated social ideologies or a political party. My thoughts are more toward the execution of ideas and how they come about in the real world. One choice, one decision, one action — rarely involves the persuasion of one man. If such is a logical conclusion, why the hate towards one man. Instead hate the system that enables the one man. Hate the system that one man is forced to operate in. Hate the barriers keeping that system in place. But don’t hate the man.

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