Fearing Being Seen A Loser, President Trump Attacks Transgender Americans

By Diara J. Townes. July 26, 2017.

The power of the Oval Office was flexed yet again today as a new proclamation spilled from the President’s personal megaphone: No transgender people in the military.

Despite the fact that thousands of transgender Americans are already serving in the Armed Forces, Trump’s directional shift in hate spouting caught the nation by surprise this morning.

Congress has been busily wrestling with healthcare while the White House has been juggling scandals, a Comms team shake-up, and the antagonizing comments from Trump directed at Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

This shift in support of Trans Rights is superbly counterintuitive. Thousands of transgender people have, are and will serve in the U.S. military, and there is no simple solution to removing these individuals from service (nor is there a moral way).

After tweet-blasting his support for the LGBTQ community during the 2016 campaign, Trump has made zero acknowledgment of the community since election, including ignoring Pride Month (the least he could’ve done was say something; he couldn’t even do that).

Now President Trump has made it a point to steer policy and basic rights away from them.

Trump: “I will fight for you!”

Unfortunately, he forgot to add “only when convenient for me.” Now that the election is won, the 45th president has no need to support these marginalized Americans, and will instead play his obvious trump card (that pun hurt my feelings, too).

The president is an opportunistic politician. He’s facing a lot of heat in the kitchen, with White House leaks, increasing investigations into his family and finances, and now a likely third-time’s-a-charm failure on healthcare in the Senate. So he has to adjust his image. He can’t bare to be seen as a “loser.”

Trump is playing towards his base because he needs a crowd-size pat on the back. While his rallies in Ohio and for the Boy Scouts Jamboree this week stroked his ego, he needed a nation-wide acknowledgment of his great dedication to “moral values” that he knew his base would eat up.

Time will tell which lawmakers stand up against this pointless, baseless, hate-filled Tweetclamation. And whether the reinstatement of this military ban dies on the White House Press room lecturn or makes it to the steps of Capitol Hill, the people are gaining more visibility to the principles of our lawmakers.

Like Senator John McCain who stands against the ban, and Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, who stands for it (with an unsourced study as grounds to argue the high cost factors of transgenders. Seriously).

In case you were curious about the erroneous statements of the President, here are the actual facts concerning Transgenders in the military:

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