Trump is #NotMyPresidentsDay Protest: Dismay and Defiance Collide

“People are just screaming their opinions at each other.”

Diara J. Townes. Feb 20, 2017

An estimated 13,000 people came to a Facebook-organized rally in New York City in mass protest of the 45th President of the United States.

NYPD patrol and community affairs officers lined the streets on this unusually mild President’s Day. A wall of steel barricades separated the hundreds that streamed down the west side of Central Park.

Tens of thousands of people hold posters high as they march pass barricades to Trump Hotel on February 20, 2017. CuriousScout Media.

NYPD patrol and community affairs officers lined the streets on this unusually mild President’s Day. A wall of steel barricades separated the hundreds that streamed down the west side of Central Park.

Many expressed their concerns through signs and chants. Others used more creative methods to represent their presidential frustrations.

Donald Trump and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, as showcased through art and puppetry. CuriousScout Media.

While protesting tends to attract Millennials and Gen Xers, there was a strong showing from the Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generations.

“I went to Washington for the Women’s March last month, along with my friend Toshi Reagon, and stood in unity with the artists on stage.” Nona Hendryx, (@funkrockster) a renowned vocalist, songwriter, author and actress, in addition to being a cultural icon, recalled her activist experiences and compared them to today’s rally.

Nona Hendryx discusses the organization she co-created, SISTERSMATR that empowers young women in science, math, art and more on

“I’m old enough to have participated in the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam protests, and the struggle with the HIV/AIDS community. Each of those causes had their own difficulties dealing with frightening agendas by different people,” she explained. “This goes back to Hoover and McCarthyism. We have seen these people before, they just have different faces and different names.”

Hendryx’s position is not new. Many professionals in various fields see the similarities between the Trump administration’s recent executive orders and the policies of other leaders and governments (Horowitz, 2017).

“They’re really just fighting for white supremacy,” Hendryx continued. “Now its worse, because we have supremacists in the White House and a president that doesn’t seem to have a clue. It’s more intense now because people feel the urgency of their urgency.”

John McGline expresses his disappointment in the government by joining thousands of like-minded protesters on Monday. CuriousScout Media.

John McGline noticed it as well. “I’ve been involved since Occupy [Wall Street] started. I see more possibility in change now, even if it looks like its going off the deep end. I see the possibility.”

“I see the young people seeing the world a lot more clearly,” John adds. “They aren’t falling for the divisions [in politics, race and gender]. It’s hopeful.”

John McGline’s signs detail the congressional issues he has with both Republicans and Democrats, as well as systemic corruption. See the broadcast on

McGline, too, has a specific reason for coming out to the rally. “To me, the danger with Donald Trump is that he’s a pathological liar. And when a pathological liar is president, the rule of law doesn’t mean anything. He can say anything, and that’s the law. To me, that’s a very dangerous thing.”

As the rally progessed towards the base of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, a lone blue flag rose above the crowds.

A handful of the President’s supporters came out to face the march with their own pins and posters. To keep the masses from fully surrounding them, the supporters kept the barricades and the rails around the Trump hotel to their back, leaving them exposed to ridicule and recording, judging and jostling, from the front.

One of the more volatile moments of the day occurred as the rally began to disperse. The emotional reaction that some people expressed toward this handful of Trump supporters grew heated.

“It's you all doing the dividing!”
A Trump supporter covers his face as dozens of protesters gather in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Columbus Circle. CuriousScout Media. Feb 20, 2017.

“He will not divide us! He will not divide us!” The chanting of young women rung out over the cacophony of voices and police radios at the foot of the sphere in Columbus Circle.

“It’s you all doing the dividing!” An older man, wearing the recognizable red cap, emerged from the crowd. He joined the flag-waving huddle, again shouting, “it’s you all doing the dividing!”

From the opposing mass rose another man’s voice, shouting back, “oh yeah, a black man for white supremacy! Good work! Steve Bannon would love you!” Dozens of protestors joined the chorus of chanting and insults hurled in the direction of the supporters.

“No one is actually talking, they’re just screaming their opinions at each other.”

The anger and hate was quite discouraging for one young man watching the exchange from the sidelines.

“People don’t typically want to hear what I have to say because I voted for Trump,” explained Demetrius. “I’m totally fine with everyone protesting what they believe to be injustice. But what I just saw is what I’m trying to avoid. There’s no reason to be so negative.”

Demetrius discusses how being a Trump voter shouldn’t impact other’s ability to listen to him on

“No one is actually talking, they’re just screaming their opinions at each other,” added Demetrius. Originally a Bernie Sanders supporter, the young man voted for Trump via absentee for Florida, in opposition to Clinton, not an unusual trend last year (Enten, 2016).

The broadcast of these exchanges and others go on for more than an hour on I encourage you to view the streams and tweet @CuriousScout for more information and discussion.

This is a republic by, of and for the people. It’s only Day 31 of Trump’s Presidency. There will be more rallies and more protests across this great nation.

How will you react when you meet someone with an opposing view? Will you let the barricades of the system separate you, or will you have the courage to cross the barrier, and connect with your fellow Americans?


Horowitz, Jason. Feb. 10, 2017. Steven Bannon Cited Italian Thinker Who Inspired Fascists. The New York Times.

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