To be a Software Engineer…

Quick Note: This is and essay in response to Holberton School application form.

My History in Programing

I have had an interest in coding for quite some time now. My curiosity began when I first started playing video games. I could not understand how the characters responded to the players commands. Through the years, it filled me with interest and I started reading and researching information that would help me understand what was going on behind the screen. As I graduated from high school and started exploring careers, I knew that this would be a field I would enjoy. I attended The Learning Academy at University of South Florida following high school. This is a program for adults with ASD. I participated in an internship that exposed me further to the field of programming and cemented my interest in this field. That being said, I am a novice. I don’t have any formal training in coding, only my own pursuit of information. I moved back home to take care of my father after he got sick. Spending time at home with him gave me the opportunity to follow my love of programing and I have taught myself the programing languages of Python, Ruby (on and off the Rails), HTML, and SQL.

My Present in Programing

Currently, I am taking my first programming class COP 1000 — Introduction to Computer Programming (foundations and design of coding) at Florida Southwestern State College. I am working toward my degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on Video Game Development. Along with attending college, I have begun teaching myself C++/C# in relation to Object-Orientated Programing. I am working on this program to help me prepare for my eventual transfer to a university at the conclusion of my AA degree.

My Future in Programing

My vision and dream for myself is to become a Video Game Developer and utilize my programming skills in a company such as Blizzard Entertainment or Bethesda Studios. I hope to attend the Holberton School in San Francisco to enhance my abilities and accomplish my dream. I am an “all in” and “hands on” type of learner and will give 200% to this endeavor. After researching your school, I know that I will not only gain critical skills necessary to be a programmer but I will be a positive contributor to your program. I enjoy working with and learning from others. My internship with The Learning Academy gave me invaluable experience and was the basis for much of my skill acquisition. The Holberton approach to teaching and learning is a perfect fit for me.Gulf Coast University but it is still on the table.