What all you should check before applying for universities abroad?

Graduate schools provide more specialized training and expert instruction in particular field. Number of Indian students in foreign universities has increased and many universities abroad attract international students globally. Large number of students every year travel abroad to get a degree that will secure their future. Thus if one acquires a prestigious degree from a foreign university then it opens the gateway to success. Moreover a degree from abroad brightens your prospects to get selected in the mega companies. But at the same time there are few essential things that students should check before applying and making decision. University life is not only educational experience but preparing for the future.

Some of the important criteria to be checked before applying to foreign universities

· Reputation of the university where the student will apply — It is important to choose a prestigious university as it offers many advantages to the students. So getting into one of the prestigious university takes more effort.

· University ranking- It is good if the university is ranked among top 100 in that country. Students can refer from QS world university ranking or world reputation rankings 2013 in UK or US or any other top universities abroad.

· Job prospects are very essential- This is one of the most important points while deciding which university to join. One has to check its placement records before joining as some of the companies recruit candidates from neighboring areas and avoid employee relocation expenses.

· University life- An ideal college is where lots of cultural activities, sports, and fun activities are offered to students. These activities provide healthy atmosphere and exposure to the students.

· Location of the university- Location is an essential factor to consider as the university should have connectivity with the bus facility or train.

· Funding and on campus jobs opportunity — Both these things are vital and in demand as it is a great help if one gets. Many international universities offer scholarship or funding to international students. One should check which scholarship is available for students before applying. On campus jobs are much better and safest option as compared to off campus jobs.

· Accreditation — Students should definitely check for accreditation for the course they want to pursue. Mostly all universities who recruit international students have accreditation, but one must check for the same.

· Safety is essential — This is the first and foremost thing to be checked by the Indian students who are going to study abroad. Try to see all the factors of safety whether the universities offers sufficient safety measures for international students.

These are some of the factors which have students have to consider while applying for universities.

Students most of the time have one particular university in mind where they want to study and they don’t consider many other options. However, they should consider the option of other universities abroad to increase chances of getting admitted and then pursue their graduation from abroad. Exclude those universities that don’t have subject you want to study.

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