Im not pro-choice or pro-life, I’m pro abortion.

Some quick thoughts on the partisan politics and inconsistencies on the topic of abortion

I’m pro abortion, but I absolutely loathe the dishonesty of claiming that anti-abortion positions are all about a woman’s own body and rights. I’m not sure how any of you expect it to be convincing to people who honestly believe that the issue of abortion has to do with the murder of unborn children.

There are pragmatic arguments for abortion, and Republicans are more often than not morally pragmatic (save the notable exceptions of abortion, drug use, and LGBT issues) As many of you will note, they hypocritically aren’t pro-life when it comes to war (though this would be a silly arguments if you honestly consider yourself a dem in 2017, considering how hawkish the Hillary crowd and the media have been.) they aren’t pro-life in this instance because they are reasoning from a position of belief that the wars are necessary to protect the nation and to stop the spread of human rights atrocities in parts of the world where such threats and atrocities run rampant. They may be mistaken, it may be the case that they’re being manipulated by war profiteers who are doing far more harm than good I’m not trying to settle that argument here.

I’m trying to explain that there is a case in which Republicans are moral pragmatists with respect to human life, and they can be too with respect to abortion. Immigration is another such example. Abortion is good for society. Burdening the country with unwanted children who have little support and are destined for tragic lives is not good for society, nor is it a moral thing to do. It creates cycles of poverty and abuse. It kills women who are driven to get an abortion despite the laws.

Arguing these points and arguing for consistency in one’s application of morals is a stronger argument than telling someone they’re doing something they believe they are not, which is attempting to arbitrarily restrict the rights of women to have agency over their bodies. As a caveat, yes there are fundamentalists and politicians who actually do try to legislate sexual morality and go beyond abortion into birth control etc. You don’t have to worry about these people, you have to convince the more normal and sane Republicans who make up the majority. Politicians will naturally follow. Their appeals to fundamentalist Christian morality are the manipulations of dishonest politicians desperate for power, and the power of the fundamentalist voting block is severely diminished.

Hilariously, a common pro-life talking point these days is on the origins of planned parenthood — which are racist eugenics, attempting to stop the growth of the black population. It’s ironic that they would argue this, because this is the exact kind of thing they’re thought to be guilty of supporting. It is the kind of argument they should themselves find unconvincing. An argument for the existence and moral evil of systemic racism. It’s also ironic that the left doesn’t mention or care about this point, as it isn’t at all unimportant in the context of considering the issue with a liberal worldview. These inconsistencies on both sides demonstrate how hopelessly partisan the issue is, and how little either side cares to actually grapple honestly with the issue. An issue we endlessly debate, yelling past one another as issues like global warming, a dramatic and ever increasing wealth and income divide, AI automation, and global warming go largely ignored and unaddressed.

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