The Memo

When Alex arrived at work, he was greeted by his co-workers, Marc and Tom.

“Ha, I think it’s white t-shirt day”, said Marc.

“White t-shirt day!” said Tom.

Indeed, all three of them wore white t-shirts. This represented a slight but albeit noticeable divergence from their otherwise monotonous lives, so the three coworkers revelled in the moment.

Two more team members arrived. They too sported white t-shirts, and so, were greeted with excited commentary.

Then Dale arrived. He wore a navy blue button-up.

“Dale, where’s your white t-shirt?” said Marc.

“Didn’t you get the memo?” said Tom.

Dale kind of half-laughed as he sat down at his desk. He started checking his emails and the news.

The workspace suddenly felt tense and silent. Though Dale didn’t notice, he was still only half awake.

After a few moments, he got up and made for the kitchen to fix his morning coffee. Alex followed him.

“You alright, Dale?” he said in the kitchen.

“Huh? Yeah, why?”

“It’s just the, the shirt thing?”


Footsteps could be heard approaching the kitchen. Alex said he had to go when he heard the footsteps.

When he got back to his desk, Dale had an email from Natalie, a cute girl from the marketing department on level four.

From: Natalie Martin

Subject: Hey…

You ok? Always here to chat :)

Before he had a chance to reply, Michelle from HR arrived at his desk.

“Hey Dale.”

“Oh. Hey Michelle.”

“Emailing Natalie are we?”


She marked something in her notebook.

“Jeff wants to see you in his office.”

Dale was perplexed as to why Jeff could possibly want to talk to him. Jeff was the CEO and hadn’t spoken to Dale before, let alone set foot on his level of the building.

As he stood up, Dale noticed that everyone in the office was watching him, but they pretended not to be when he saw them.

Michelle followed him to the elevator, and when the doors opened she leaned in and pushed the level 24 button before stepping back out. She watched the doors close.

When he got to Jeff’s office, he pushed the large heavy doors open and anxiously stepped inside.

Jeff’s high-backed leather chair spun around. He held his fingers together, and wore a stern look on his face.

He also wore a white t-shirt.

“Didn’t you get the memo, Dale?” said Jeff.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Jeff. Is this something to do with the shirts?”

Dale’s palms sweated. Jeff smiled. He knew Dale got the memo. He’d opened it around 3:42 yesterday afternoon. IT confirmed this for Jeff this morning.

Dale passed out pretty quickly when the chloroform was held to his face. And the surgery to remove the dissenting part of his brain took only 4 hours. Jeff had some of the best surgeons in the country do it.

When it was over they pulled a white t-shirt over his head and gave him a lollipop before sending him back downstairs.

When he returned to his desk he noticed that Alex, Marc and Tom also had white t-shirts on.

“Hey-hey! White t-shirt day!” he said.

“Sure is!” they called back.

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