Curtis’ Podcast Recap — №2


Ezra Klein + Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield —

A lively interview with Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield who hails from my hometown of Victoria, BC


Ep.150 — The News Is Dead So What Comes Next? — CANADALAND —

Jesse Brown tackles what comes after the demise of print media in Canada. He’s (surprisingly) optimistic.


Episode 1: Mouth to Ear — There Goes the Neighborhood —

Originally released in March, this WYNC series There Goes the Neighborhood is a comprehensive, multifaceted deep dive into gentrification in Brooklyn. The producers traverse BKN, speaking with real estate developers, landlords, tenants — the gentrifiers and the gentrified. If you like this episode there are several more in the series.


#176: Mike Birbiglia, The Sleepwalking Comedy Giant — The Tim Ferriss Show —

I caught up with Tim Ferriss’ interview with Mike Birbiglia, and now I want to see the movie Don’t Think Twice — or join an improv group. A great conversation on making it in the comedy world, and the habits of a creative producer.

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