I love Redbox — quick and easy to get a movie. If there’s anything new that I’ve not seen, and it available on Blu-Ray and near me, I’ll usually get it from the kiosk, rather than watching it online or ordering from Netflix.

But a thought hit me as I returned the disc today: After the movie is gobbled up by the kiosk it only shows a bland screen affirming that it was received and “wait…”.

What if that screen instead was a bit interactive:

  • Present the name and cover of the movie just returned (if you know it)
  • A “rate this movie”: touch the number of stars you give it
  • A list of related movies to rent. They do have an option to “stick around…” but that is the same as browsing on the kiosk, which I never do. (I use the phone app always).
  • If I click on one of the movies to rent, just bring it to the browse (as usual). If I select it there is a metric showing what the odds are that if I’ve returned movie “X” I’ll have an interest in, and possibly rent, movie “Y” if it’s shown. Those related ones that are never selected or chosen are either listed last, or not at all in favor of those that do.
  • If I have another movie to return I’ll either click the “Return” button again, or from the screen presented after returning the first one simply place a “Return Another” button below the rate this movie section.
  • If I only had the one movie and don’t want to rate, I walk away. Screen resets after a time just like the current bland one.

Oh, one other thing: If I’ve scanned by card to pick up a movie and don’t have one rented at that particular kiosk (sadly, something I do way too often), you do present a “let us find it for you” but nothing is presented to tell me where I should have gone. Maybe I don’t wait long enough, but my expectation is that it will look up where I should have gone and display that.

I just look at my phone and it tells me where I’m supposed to be. And mercifully, it doesn’t laugh at my confusion.