“INDIGO CHILD” Cover art.

Raurys Unique Touch

Raury is one of the first rappers i’ve ever listened to thats been able to rap over indie style beats and make it work.

I hate comparing artists to other artists because everyone has their own unique reasons for doing what they do. But Raury sounds like the result of any indie band, MGMT, and Kid Cudi morphed into one superhuman.

His new EP “Indigo Child” takes listeners on a truly fascinating ride with fresh lyrics and flows that will keep listeners enthralled with what to expect next. It opens up with a interesting but necessary introduction song that repeats the phrase “We are together, we are the truth, we are forever, we are the youth”. It will throw you off at first but once the opening bass kicks of “God’s Whisper” kicks in you enter a whole new realm of Raurys mind.

I first heard Raury on Joey’s debut studio album B4DA$$ where he was able to combine a sound with superb storytelling that I haven’t heard since the great Andre 3000. The storytelling on “Indigo Child” was just as amazing and he topped it all off with an eight minute song to end the EP that had just about every instrument you could imagine.

You can tell that this kid is just scratching the surface of his musical career. Yes I said kid Because Raury is only 17. 17 and he and is already making waves in the music industry.

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