Why I don’t want my daughters to join a sorority
Jules Taggart

Although I like the sentiment of this article, I would like to point something out of greater threat to your daughters. Conformity of thought.

Not being part of a sorority will do little to encourage your daughters to remain open to others experiences and ideas. Higher education has become increasingly about conforming to the world views and ideas that academia has decided are correct or appropriate.

The days of college being about challenge, new ideas, exploration, and learning are gone. They have been replaced by fear, conformity, arrogance, and willful ignorance.

Trigger warnings, safe spaces, censorship, and “rights” are commonplace. Unfortunately, as long as those handcuffs on speech and behavior exist, growth cannot happen. Learning will not take place. Education will cease to have any value.

So, ask yourself if the sorority is the problem or just a symptom of a more devastating disease that is already trying to infect your children.

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