Eight Replies To Patriarchy
Oreoluwa Fakorede

Articles like this sadden me. It is an oversimplification of relationship dynamics. It is also inflammatory, adding to the problems between men and women rather than attempting to solve them.

If, as a woman, you have involved yourself with a person that behaves in the way this article portrays men, you have chosen poorly. Any verbal response to these attitudes is beneath anyone who has an ounce of self worth.

These are not attitudes of “patriarchy”. They are attitudes that devalue another human being. The attitudes of these men would not just be like this towards their wives, but to everyone. They see no value in others. So if you were involved with them, it would say as much about your lack of character as it does about their lack of character.

In every relationship between men and women we both bear responsibility for the success or failure of that relationship. Until we recognize that responsibility and accept our part in it, this finger pointing, blame placing game will continue to destroy our potential to love each other.

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