Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head
Darius Foroux


Thank you for illustrating this. Too often I hear people tell others that they “think too much”, but in reality, they aren’t actively thinking, but ruminating. Running habitual thoughts over and over, they never get anywhere.

Refocusing on better questions that bring about better thoughts and behaviors is a wonderful way to frame this. To get off that hamster wheel, ask a better question.

The new age “just let go” mantra doesn’t help most people. They don’t need to let go. They need to become active thinkers, not letting go of their problems and thoughts. When they let go, too often they continue to allow “their thoughts to think them” instead of doing the thinking for themselves.

Active thought is never to be avoided or discouraged. Our antagonist is the mindless, passive rumination that gets in our way.

Nicely done.

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