I Want to See a Gender-Swapped Version of Every Movie. Literally Every One.

Here’s what I would like to see. New original material that challenges the current narrative. Although I understand that this article is for illustrative purposes, it does look backwards.

At some point social commentary became a festival of pointing at the past and mocking it. Finding its flaws, attributing those failings to particular groups, and then seeking to punish those groups in order to somehow provide a sense of justice. And no one seems to notice that this approach yields only more anger, injustice, and suffering. The cycle continues to repeat.

Creating a future that is inclusive and respectful of all can’t come by focusing on the past. Honestly looking at ourselves now, and thoughtfully asking what we want to become, will bring the change needed to heal, and with it, new movies based on stories we can’t even imagine yet.

We can’t reboot our world. We must create a completely new and original one.

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