There is no guarantee that you’ll ever make it.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

People won’t believe this. They couldn’t even if they wanted to. The narrative of the American meritocracy is dependent on the idea of everyone having an equal shot at success and that the formula is:

Hard work, high standards, and just a little smarts, and anyone can make it.

To stop believing this, would make someone question their entire worldview. Everyone says, “yeah, life’s not fair.” But the mean, “yeah, life’s not fair, but for me it should be.”

When Jesus gave the founding fathers the constitution, he made sure that it spelled out how hard work leads to success and guaranteed it in the Bill of Rights, Along with our “right to happiness”. (I’m kidding, but that’s the crazy narrative that pulses through our country now)

So those of us that know you are right about this just nod our heads, while everyone else shakes theirs.

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