Here Is The Problem With Content Creators…

Please excuse this image, it will make sense once you read the article

I’m sure just like me, every night before bed you scroll through Youtube watching videos, or perhaps you do it when you wake up each morning.

And have you ever thought to yourself,

“Why the f#%k am I watching this?”

You realise that 10 minutes of your life has been wasted watching someone you don’t care about, speaking about absolute nonsense and showing off what they have that others don’t, but you are so far in that you have to finish it otherwise it is a complete waste of time?

Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and don’t even get me started on Tik Tok, revolve around individuals with below average IQ looking to make money and get free products by one of the following:

a) Being egotistical individuals doing nothing except for flexing (An internet slang term for showing off) their superficial assets such as their looks, or if they don’t have the looks they are guaranteed to be showing off their money.

b) Rambling nonsense for 10 minutes trying to act like a guru to make multi-million dollar businesses (without actually ever have done it themselves).

c) Doing absolute mind numbingly painful stuff to watch, that wouldn’t be acceptable for an 11 year old kid, yet alone a 21 year old male.

d) False advertising through click baity titles

e) Copy and pasting off every other influencer in their niche.

The above graph accurately depicts the degree of variance between influencers.

The Wrong Behaviors Are Being Rewarded

The reason for “Creators” putting less time and thought into their videos is because they are being told to do so.

Here are a few examples:

  • Algorithms across Youtube and other social media platforms favor those who upload daily videos, as such creators are pressured into pushing out videos, and what’s sacrificed is the creativity.
  • Why post a title that no body is going to click on, when you can post a stretched version of it and receive far more views

Supposedly society as a whole is against objectifying and sexualising one another…that’s what people say in blog posts and Facebook rants anyway.

But why is it then when most people are supposedly against it that the highest performing posts are the ones with fit girls in bikinis, or shredded guys without their shirts?

And, why is it that more people click on posts with attractive, half-naked people in the thumbnail? (hence trying to prove my point with my thumbnail)

If It Isn’t Broken, It Doesn’t Need To Be Fixed

Content creators are just doing what works.

They aren’t going to change what they are doing if they are to be punished by algorithms and their own audience for it.

And can you blame them for the click baity titles, rushed content and lack of innovation?

I have a question for you…

If you had a choice with the way you performed your job which would you rather?

a) Work hard, work long hours, get paid 50k a year and receive no recognition?


b) Work half the time, do the work to the minimum standard, receive lots of attention and get 75k a year?

Let me know in the comments below!

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