The Purpose Driven Life Answers Fundamental Questions

President and CEO of Windham Advisors, LLC, Curtis Warfield has worked as a financial executive in Louisville, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee. Currently residing in Louisville, Curtis Warfield enjoys reading in his free time, and one of his favorite books is The Purpose Driven Life.

The Purpose Driven Life — What on Earth Am I Here For? is an influential book by Rick Warren, the founder and pastor of Saddleback Church. The book has been translated into 85 languages and, according to Publisher’s Weekly, has sold more copies than any other hardcover work of nonfiction. The Purpose Driven Life filters a number of important, complex questions through a Christian lens, helping readers formulate responses to pressing thoughts such as “Why am I alive?”; “Does my life matter?”; and the titular question, “What on Earth am I here for?”

The Purpose Driven Life is divided into 42 short chapters and has been designed so that readers can feature one passage as part of their daily devotional practices for six consecutive weeks. The book recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary and can now be purchased in softcover format. More information can be found at

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