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Do I need to be a Curu user in order to make a referral?

No. Whether or not you’re personally a Curu user, you still have friends who could benefit from building credit.

…but you should probably sign up for Curu too! :)

When will I get paid?

You will receive $10 when your friend signs up for Curu AND their credit card application is approved and disbursed. Payments are made on the fifth business day of the month following disbursement.

How will I get paid?

Payments are made via PayPal or Venmo.

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer?

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Get paid $10 every time you refer a friend who gets a credit card and starts building credit through Curu!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Refer Curu to a friend who needs to get a credit card and start building credit.
  2. When someone you referred creates a Curu account and gets a credit card through Curu, email with their name, the credit card they applied for and date of the application.
  3. Once we are notified that their application has been approved, you will get an email notification and $10!

Payments made via PayPal or Venmo. Friends must sign up on or after 8/31/2018. Bonuses are paid out by 9/15/2018. Referrals who close their account before 9/01/2018 or don’t get their credit card application accepted will not qualify for the promotion.

Managing your credit accounts and learning how to properly build your credit score can be tedious tasks, especially when you’re new to credit. Curu aims to make this long and boring process an adventure by gamifying the credit experience with Curu Coins!

As you follow the recommendations and continue to implement ‘good credit practices’ (defined below), you will get rewarded with ‘Curu Coins’. As you earn ‘Curu Coins’, you’ll receive medals in the app & rank your way up to becoming a Credit Guru!

Are Curu Coins worth anything?

In the current version, Curu Coins do not have any monetary value. They are a currency that is used internally that allows you gamify your credit score and define your credit understanding by increasing your ‘Curu Rank’ from a “Credit Novice” to a “Credit Guru”. …


Curu Support

Curu automates building your credit score! This is where you will find app support and Curu News. If you have any questions, email

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