How to be the Ultimate Fuckgirl

Hello darlings,

Are you all just tired of dealing with the silly little species we call “the fuckboy”? I’d like to tell you that they are almost extinct, but their population is still growing faster than the hair on an Italian womens upper lip. I’ve decided to help procreate a new kind of species called “The Fuckgirl.” Fuckgirls are superior to thr evergrowing Fuckboy species, despite their continuing evolution. Fuckgirls tend to not be born, but built.

Here is the guide on how to know if you are one or how to become The Ultimate Fuckgirl.

A Fuckgirl Never Fucks

A fuckgirl never has sex with any of the men on her roster. She only gives a little in the bedroom, but demands to recieve a lot. She leads her men on, thinking that eventually she will have sex with them. She uses excuses such as “I’m just not ready” and “I don’t have sex with someone who isn’t my boyfriend.”

A Fuckgirl Never Dates

The fuckgirl species tells all her males that she “just doesn’t date.” This in the small feeble mind of men registers as “Ou, a challenge.” Hearing that you don’t date or never date will ultimatley make them more interested in dating you. Tell them that “dating is pointless, you either get married or breakup and you sure as hell aren’t getting married.”

A Fuckgirl doesn’t Kiss & Tell

Always, always, ALWAYS be seeing more than one man at a time. Three is a good amount, but the more the marrier darlings. Seeing more than one man helps to distribute your feelings to all the men you are seeing. Therefore, you won’t become obsessed over one. But you never EVER lead on that you are seeing other people. Or if they ask how many other guys you are seeing, jokingly say “depends on the week” or “don’t you worry, not that many.”

A Fuckgirl Never Gives a Fuck

Never feel bad. The fuckgirl species is never burdened with feeling guilty over what she is doing. If you realize you may have suddenly caught an undesirable amount of feelings for someone, cut them out. Cut them out like an ugly outfit in a magazine with a pair of your sharpest scissors.

If you do all of these things you are classified as The Ultimate Fuckgirl domain. Congratz darling. If not, then becoming one is not hard. Just follow the four above guides, and you too can become the Ultimate Fuckgirl. ❤

Lots of love,