Death to Interfaces


It seems strange that something so ubiquitous as mobile apps could be on the way out, but that may be the case thanks to chatbots. No longer will you have to download an app for a one-time use or waste time culling your unwanted icons to free up storage space because bots are here to help automate everything.


Bots run in mobile chat platforms like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, using pre-defined rules and weak AI to perform all the functionality of an app without the front-end interface. User interaction is limited to a conversational interface, just like messaging a friend, so installing a bot is as simple as adding someone to your contact list.

A great example would be booking a flight. Rather than downloading a specific app you might use a few times a year, you’ll now be able to ask a bot to book flights at the best price, send you your boarding pass and track scheduling changes directly through your preferred messenger client — as if you had a personal assistant.


The rise of messaging platforms has been meteoric; more people are now using messaging services than social networks which means the attention of billions of people has shifted focus. Capitalising on this shift, bots offer users a natural experience that does away with the graphical interface and simply asks users what they want then provides a tailored solution. Functionality and convenience are improved as everything exists in the environment users prefer to inhabit: chat clients.


We’ve previously highlighted the importance of a closed loop feedback system that considers the Voice of the Customer. Bots provide this functionality in its ultimate, automated form. Leverage the attention shift to messenger platforms and you’ll be well-positioned to make massive improvements to your customer experience.

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