Feel Good Friday at the Foodbank

We believe in giving back

As the holiday season rolled around we felt like it was time for some of us to give back. At CEC, we have a program called “2 days to do good,” this program lets our staff take two days off throughout the year to give back to the community in any cause or effort that they are passionate about.

This year, the team headed off to spread Christmas cheer at the Foodbank!

So, how do you spread Christmas cheer with a team of service designers?


Well as it turns out, you pack it into boxes… lots of boxes.

Entering the warehouse it quickly became clear that the relaxing day off some had been expecting was more than they bargained for! Rising over 20 meters high and as far as the eye could see was a colossal stack of food. Forklifts whizzed around, as we were whisked into a quiet room. After a brief and informative safety video with just the right amount of humour to keep us engaged, it was time.


Following a short but memorable high-vis vest ceremony, we took to the factory floor. It soon became apparent that we would be packing hampers for families across the NSW and ACT. Tuna, pasta, snakes and ham were some of the scrumptious supplies sorted inside, and working in a production line so efficient even Henry Ford would have been proud, it began.

Cardboard flying, plastic ripping, wheels spinning, we were on a roll. Averaging a palette every 20 minutes our team managed to pack 600 Christmas hampers. To put that in context, in 6 hours, we moved 6 tonnes of food that fed 600 families!


Hands blistered but proud of our efforts we were taken on a tour of the factory. Only then it became clear of the sheer scale they work with on a daily basis. Foodbank is the largest non-profit hunger relief organisation in Australia. Rescuing 32 million kilos of food destined to be dumped they are able to turn this around and provide 40 million meals every year for struggling Aussies and their families.

We had an amazing day and for anyone interested in giving this worthwhile organisation a helping hand,head to their website.

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