I’m curious: do they teach math in India?
Jan Downs

Thanks for trying to teach me maths. If you could read through the original post and my response you would see that the topic was not about who is leading the primaries. Unlike you i am not being dismissive of people who don’t agree with me. The topic was about why there is a section of Democratic progressive people that don’t want to support Hillary. She may as well be the democratic nominee , no one is denying that. But on the same hand Bernie has done many folds better than anticipated. That very fact that he has won in whichever number of states he won speaks about the subject of the post. The author raised the point of how she struggles to fully commit to Hillary inspite of the fact that the first female president would be a phenomenal landmark. The comparison i made between Hillary n Elizabeth was just that a comparison between two female politicians and their policies not about who is running and/or winning for presidency. I was not of the understanding that if a person is winning then by default all criticisms of that person’s ideas and policies become obsolete.

And to your point about Bernie’s bid dividing progressives against themselves, I don’t see that as a problem. The whole point of the democratic process and what divides it from Authoritarianism is choice. Would you rather have people falling in line as soon as they hear the name “Hillary”. Because some progressives don’t agree with each and every policy Hillary proposed doesn’t imply that they have turned regressive.

The same way you have reasons to support Hillary others have reasons for supporting Bernie Sanders. Poll results don’t make those reasons any less invalid.