Look Shirish, I was responding to specific comments that you made.
Jan Downs

You took a grand leap from having supported Bernie in primaries to not supporting a Democrat in the general. I do have direct consequences from a bad outcome in this election, I am in America and i would like to stay for a while longer. I am brown and for the most part Trump’s mob makes no distinction between minorities. As you closed on your response you would support Bernie if he wins the nominee and likewise Bernie supporters will support Hillary if she wins the nominee.

I consider Bernie a better candidate than Hillary but as i have stated multiple times already if not for Bernie in the field she is the best candidate for the job. I believed that was clear, i was wrong. So let me clear it for you, against any Republican Hillary is undoubtedly a much better choice. If Bernie supporters judged Hillary’s ideas and policies as not so great how would they judge Trump’s ideas anything but as a disaster. You would paint all Bernie supporters fools for trying to better the system. For attempting to take a giant leap forward instead of the inching progress. You are playing defense against Trumps offense. I get that but to equate Bernie’s offensive as a failure is not right.

You fear the worse and so you would rather settle. That is justified but being condescending to people who hope and dream bigger doesn’t help your cause. You would rather blame Bernie supporters as being too privileged , young and naive to isolate them than see merit in their reasons. You jump on the bandwagon to label Bernie supporters sexist as if all their reasons for supporting him don’t matter. I am not taking the moral high ground, you are giving up without a fight. Because you understand numbers let me use them to make my point. If numbers from 1 to 10 represent a candidate’s policy position with 10 being the best from the perspective of a Bernie supporter (atleast the majority of them, i choose to believe) Bernie is a 10, Hillary 7 or 8 and Trump (-999). I would go further and say that if Trump is indeed a matter of great concern for you then it makes more sense for you to support Bernie than Hillary. The Clinton’s were chums with Trump until very recently. They have a history that goes a long way. Trump didn’t turn rotten today, the privilege that you associate with Bernie supporters would go rather well with Trump and the Clintons.

Anyway, Let me reiterate the original post and subsequent conversation was about wanting a better Hillary , if only she were closer to Bernie it would have been better. “Better” being the operative word. She is good , people wish her to be better. Trump is horrible. Hillary beats trump so don’t misunderstand my enthusiasm for Bernie as support for Trump.