Fantasy Cutthroat Philosophy: Scrubs

It’s OK to play it slow in Fantasy Cutthroat as long as you’re not the slowest.

Do friends marvel at your self-discipline so much they invite you to Shaolin mixers or periodically mention the Knights Templar are hiring?

Perhaps you are already ready to grapple with the pangs of self-denial inherent in the scrubs philosophy of Fantasy Cutthroat. Scrubs in this context means frontloading your roster with borderline talent by any fantasy football appraisal, saving the studs for the championship run late in the season.

It’s nerve-wracking game theory considering Cutthroat owners perpetually face elimination at the slightest slip. But seasoned fantasy footballers know even marginal talents produce now and then, so gambling on scrubs early means the quality available for future lineups grows like compound interest.

Seriously, if Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman espoused fantasy football the Cutthroat Scrubs strategy would be their lovechild.

If you’re wading into this inverted talent pool starting in Week 4, these are the types of players you can expect to sweat it out with:

Would you rather run this group out in Week 4, or Week 17?

This collection of marginal fantasy talent is predictably uninspiring, but there is enough combined floor and upside to believe this strategy could work. After all, the second to last scoring roster advances to Week 5 right along with first place.

The Scrubs philosophy also offers a comfortable contrarian angle throughout the contest because so few participants will be willing to employ this tactic. Few if any of the names above will appear on competing Week 4 lineups, just like few if any of the studs you stored for December will be available to your opponents.

Season-long veterans levy the advantage over daily proponents with this outlook, provided those scrubs do just well enough to avoid the reaper.

So dust off that Tantra booklet your ex forgot under your bed and focus those energies in a whole new arena. I’ve heard the thrill of victory is way more intense and could happen multiple times.

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