CwSim: Travel with comfort

Hi everybody! If you travel much and write about your traveling experience, if you like various gadgets and you are a popular blogger… Write to us!

We launched a new affiliate program — “Travel with comfort!”. This means that we invite popular bloggers for testing our CwSim in your next trip!

Travel, write and publish!

What is CwSim?

CwSIM is a next generation global SIM card which allows you to travel without roaming in more than 150 countries.

· 150+ countries;

· Managed by mobile app;

· Internet connection;

· Range of bundles: from 100 MB to 5 GB;

· Without Roaming;

· Make payments using your credit card (VISA, Master Card) or your PayPal account.

How it works?

1) Put your CwSIM into SIM slot when you arrived in a country;

2) Download and open an app Comfortway;

3) Charge your balance using an app;

4) Click “Internet Package” option;

5) Choose a country you’re travelling in;

6) Choose one of available operator and preferable Internet package;

7) Click “Activate it!”;

8) Wait 10–30 seconds;

9) Awesome! You’re connected!

— I’m travel blogger… How can I join?

· If you want to take a part in the program — write to us;

· Get your CwSim with 3–4 GB;

· Take CwSim into your next trip and write about us in your blog;

· Publish your feedback and share geolocation on the map in the app;

· Share your post through social media — #ComfortWay2017

· Use and take 5 euro extra


It is an innovative platform for creation travel tour. Become an author of a new exciting trip! Share your travel experience and start earning with us!

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For example, user read you travel story and decided to go this way. So he booked a hotel and bought tickets for 1000$. Our commission is 3% and we pay you half of it — 15$. If users would buy twice a day through your travel story, you would receive 1000$ every month.

What will you receive if you be our partner?

· It is easy and free. Create your trip route story; add photos, videos, comments and recommendations about transport and accommodation… With No limits!

· Start earning. We offer a new effective channel for it. You can be professional blogger or just dream about your own travel story, anyway you can start earning with us.

· Give one more chance for your content. Your travel story is structured plan of the journey which anybody can book in one click.

Special offer for partners of ComfortWay!

Silver partner: Be the first! You’ll get 50% and support of the personal manager.

Gold Partner: Be active! You’ll get 70%.