Recapturing Wasted Time at Your Healthcare Company

Recently, I was out in Baltimore, Maryland attending the AONE conference. It’s a great conference for nurse execs and even though it was our first time there, I was really excited. Whenever I see a nursing conference on my schedule, that’s just how I get.

Nurses are some of my favorite people. They’re usually wicked smart, they are very focused on evidence and research and data, and they tend to love our philosophy. They know it’s research based and they know it actually works.

Healthcare’s really where I began my first work in drama, and over the years, we’ve learned that the amount of time people are spending in drama is increasing. It’s up to about 2 hours and 26 minutes a day. Imagine the opportunity that we have if we could recapture two and a half hours per day, per head count, and reinvest those resources back into results.

So, I first want to tell you about our research and how one organization has used it to offset nearly 300 open nursing positions.

A Different Type of Leadership Philosophy

At the conference, we were setup for a roundtable discussion between 10–12 people and we actually had over 70 people show up, so we ended up moving to a larger room.

My biggest takeaway from the discussion, though, was that people were so hungry for a different type of leadership philosophy. They really wanted to figure out a way that they could get people thinking differently.

So, I wanted to help them. I wanted to give them something they could take back in order to go from babysitting and coddling to really just pulling people up to greatness.

This is the key learning that I based the discussion on:

People that work in healthcare are always talking about the fact that they are short-staffed. They simply can’t get enough people to fill the positions that they have.

What I wanted them to remember was that the one place they didn’t often think about was the people they already did have. As mentioned above, there’s about two and a half hours a day of pure emotional waste that they could recapture and up-cycle, and when you start to do the math, those hours add up quickly into tons of dollars that they could be saving.

My advice: Step into the power that you already have.

When you’re looking for empowerment, step into the power you already have. Most of us aren’t showing up, speaking up, or using the tools we have to the benefit that we could be simply because we talk ourselves out of it.

This was a fantastic conference. The nurse executives loved our philosophy. It’s so unconventional and they were telling me ways they were applying it just in the moment. I’m always surprised when people come up to our booth that they’re shocked that two and a half hours of everyone’s day goes into drama.

If there’s something you’re shocked by or surprised by around this, I’d love to hear from you. For an inside look at my trip to the conference, check out my latest video:

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