Excellent article, but there’s one problem with your approach.
Robert Reynolds

I like your approach/explination.

Basically, the point of my article, is that shit’s stacked up against black people and POCs and not against white people in the same way- and that’s an early step in correcting a problem- just not denying it.

But that doesn’t mean that I think prejudice is acceptable when used against people based on their skin color- even if that color is white.

Picking on white people or telling them they’re evil isn’t gonna help- I’ve seen the approach and it just puts people on the defensive unless their minds are truly already open:

Like when I wrote this article after I pissed off black twitter because they thought acknowledging my fucked up childhood and struggles meant denying white privilege- got over 200 hate filled notifications in one day. Then I write this, they all ignore the fuck out of me- but it sure pissed off some from the other side, lol.

Thanks for sharing your non-extreme, very reasonable, viewpoint.

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