This is stupid beyond believable, racism comes from origin of Thinking one race is superior to…

So you’re saying I’m part of a white minority in Chicago and instead of addressing and acknowledging the troubled history of those who don’t look like me I should deny it exists?

Great plan! Let’s go have some tea together and talk about this, I know this wonderful little spot on the South Side ;)

I was born in prison to a victim of police brutality and rape. My family has a dark history that I bear the weight of their pain- Never seeing justice, never being able to trust the police, being made to feel invisible and worthless- these things have not helped with my grief nor helped me address the anger of being abused for other people’s pleasure.

Denying other people’s pain or injustice does not heal your own. Yes, “I owe” POCs something; as a white person in America I was born with a history and it’s my job to unpack what those who looked like me have done to those who don’t- even if I wasn’t part of it.

I didn’t build the American political system, but I’ve felt the backlash of it’s self-serving laws written by Old White Men to serve Old White Men.

What happened to my family will not disappear with willful ignorance. What happened to/is still happening to POCs won’t either.

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