2015: Top Posts on Media Monitoring, Measurement, PR & Social Media Marketing

These are the top 20 posts from the CyberAlert blog in 2015. They cover media monitoring, PR and social media measurement along with a range of other subjects including media relations strategies, crisis management, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Earned Media Measurement for PR: Evolution, Current Practice and Coming Innovations

PR measurement has advanced substantially since the days of cutting and counting newspaper clips. The current standard is integrated online monitoring of news and social media with a full-featured measurement dashboard. The next major innovation in PR measurement will be customization of metrics and measurement systems to the specific goals and needs of each client. Clients will be able to choose the metrics that measure news coverage, content marketing, the full range social media and websites. [Note: CyberAlert introduced a new customizable dashboard for PR measurement in December.]

How to Prepare a Great Request for Proposal (RFP) for Media Monitoring & PR Measurement Services

Though time-consuming to develop, a formal RFP process can help an organization determine its business-wide media monitoring and PR measurement requirements and identify the vendor best suited to meet those needs. This in-depth article recommends methods to develop unambiguous requirements and specifications to purchase outsourced media monitoring and measurement services.

9 Time-Saving Techniques in Social Media Marketing

Most marketers view social media as a must-have strategy. A disadvantage is that marketing on social media can quickly become extremely time consuming. These time-saving tips will produce superb results while preventing social media from becoming an enormous time sink.

The Top 10 PR Measurement Atrocities and How You Can Avoid Them

Bad PR measurement practices persist even while PR has become more conscious of and conscientious about measurement. Katie Delahaye Paine, the queen of measurement, examines the 10 most common PR measurement blunders including improper search terms, multipliers, not testing data, using B.S. benchmarks, and unrealistic measurement budgets. Among all the PR measurement atrocities, however, the most flagrant may still be not measuring at all or merely counting clips.

New Media Pitching Technique — Targeted Facebook & Twitter Ads

Granular advertising options on Facebook and Twitter enable PR to directly target individual journalists to increase media coverage. Although long-term relationships remain paramount, the social media advertising approach can attract the attention of journalists who can’t be reached using more traditional pitching methods.

The Social Media Monitoring & Measurement Imperative for PR

Measuring PR activities in both news and social media is imperative to prove PR’s value and to identify successful strategies. Failing to include social media in your PR measurement program under-reports PR accomplishments, misses opportunities to capitalize on social media mentions, and ultimately invites disaster.

The Evolving Press Release: Video Now the New “New Thing”

Changing search engine algorithms and the growth of video lead some PR experts to question the value of the traditional text-based press release. Some believe the press release still has a place in the PR toolbox, while others believe the press release will soon be indistinguishable from other forms of content. Whatever happens, digital PR pros must continue to adapt to the evolving press release.

10 Ways Social Media Listening Can Benefit Your Business

Social media listening provides both marketing and PR benefits. Companies can find new customers, improve products, research their markets, and improve their PR campaigns.

50 Examples of the Benefits of PR

Top executives sometimes question the value of public relations and claim it has no tangible link to ROI. In response, PR can show them these case studies, supported by research, to demonstrate the varied benefits of good PR.

Content Marketing: Corporate Blog vs. Digital Sharecropping vs. Multichannel Placement

Some content marketing articles have gained outsized attention on third-party networks, considerably more than they would on the author’s corporate blog. However, it’s not certain if posting on rented land is the ideal strategy for most organizations.

The Most Common Social Media Measurement Mistakes to Avoid

Although most brands embrace social media, measuring the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts remains challenging. Avoiding these common mistakes can help marketers better measure and improve their social media campaigns.

10 Great Social Media Marketing Campaign Ideas

Learning about top marketing campaigns can spark your creativity and help develop ideas for your own campaigns. These are some of the innovative and successful social media campaigns. Some of them went viral; some increased their customer engagement gradually over time.

How to Achieve 97% Media Monitoring Accuracy (Even with Difficult-to-Search Keywords)

Most any company or organization can achieve greater than 97% clip accuracy by using well-structured Boolean queries combined with advanced search technologies such as specification of capitalization. Organizations dissatisfied with their clip results should work closely with their monitoring service to develop more refined keywords and Boolean queries — or test other monitoring services that offer more advanced search technologies.

Should VW Follow the Standard PR/Legal Crisis Management Playbook?

Although Volkswagen initially followed the standard PR crisis playbook by apologizing quickly and pledging to make amends, the textbook crisis reaction may not be adequate considering the nature of the issue.

Social Media Monitoring for PR Crisis Management

Social media becomes an indispensable information and communications resource during a corporate crisis. Carefully monitoring social media can provide the crisis management team with the most updated and accurate information from the scene. Communicating quickly and effectively on social media can establish the company as the go-to and trusted source of credible information about the crisis.

PR Lessons from Apple

Apple’s extraordinarily effective public relations strategies and tactics can serve as prototypes for the PR campaigns of many other products. Apple’s PR campaigns offer important lessons in how to use PR to create buzz, favorable reviews, successful product launches and consumer acceptance.

CyberAlert’s New Dashboard Named Best New Measurement Technology of the Year

The Measurement Advisor, a newsletter from Paine Publishing LLC, edited by Katie Paine, has named the new CyberAlert Media Monitoring and PR Measurement dashboard as the Best New Measurement Technology of the Year. Paine, a leading PR measurement expert, praised the dashboard’s ability to be customized to clients’ specific needs and preferences, its capability to integrate numerous data streams, and its ability to connect PR and marketing to corporate goals.

The Value of Social Media Listening for Colleges and Universities

With most all college and high school students active on social media, monitoring of social media is a vital tool for recruiting students, improving student life, responding to PR crisis and managing a school’s reputation. It’s now essential for colleges and universities to employ a social media listening service.

Sentiment Analysis Software vs. Human Analysts

While automated sentiment analysis of social media mentions offers the benefits of faster turnaround and potentially lower costs, the accuracy of the automated analysis often falls short of levels needed to produce valid results. One solution is to combine automated sentiment analysis with selective reviews by trained human analysts or to rely solely on human analysis for smaller numbers of media mentions.

Ridiculous PR & Marketing Stunts that Worked

Some marketing and PR ideas are ridiculous. But some ridiculous ideas actually work. While these PR and marketing promotions may seem ridiculous, they succeeded in gaining attention. PR and marketing professionals may find inspiration for their own ideas or at least perhaps get some laughs.

The Benefits of Social Media Analytics

With the explosion of social media use, marketers can employ social media measurement to tap into a treasure trove a data on their customers, products, and competitors. That information can help improve social media content and better reach the target audiences.

Three Business Benefits of Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement has little or no direct connection to core business objectives like ROI. Still, engagement metrics can provide crucial information that can help companies improve marketing strategies, increase website traffic and obtain sales leads.

The New Emphasis on Measuring Content Marketing: Why It’s Needed; How It Helps

As companies invest more in content marketing, astute marketers are increasing their measurement efforts to improve the likelihood of success. As the abundance of content starts to overwhelm viewers, social media analytics and social media listening can help marketers better understand audiences, produce more relevant content and attract larger audiences.

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