3D Planning with Agency9's CityPlanner

At CyberCity 3D, we are excited to work with so many innovative software platforms that feature our 3D buildings. From CityEngine to Infraworks, each program offers a slightly different way of solving problems with 3D. Agency9, a Swedish company, has developed a particularly interesting solution for urban planning named CityPlanner. CityPlanner is a cloud-based platform where planners can visualize content and perform analysis in 3D. Users can use scenery data provided by Agency9 or upload their own data to create planning scenarios and perform analysis for their planning projects. CyberCity 3D first engaged with Agency9 last year to explore a data partnership, with outstanding initial results.

3D Miami demo in Agency9's CityPlanner solution

Using our downtown Miami 3D dataset, Agency9 has created a number of powerful demos. The benefits of these high quality 3D scenes are evident, complete with useful features like time/date sliders for shadow analysis, and bookmarked camera angles for showcasing selected views throughout the scene. They have integrated our buildings seamlessly, deploying their proprietary 3D streaming software to serve our models over the cloud for high performance visualization.

Communicating city development projects to stakeholders is a priority for planners, and CyberCity 3D buildings in CityPlanner facilitate this process. Since the scene is contained within the browser, crowd-sourcing and citizen feedback in the early planning phase is simplified. Also, thanks to WebGL, Agency9 is able to incorporate large scale terrain with detailed buildings and other data, allowing planners to present projects on a national or even global scale.

CyberCity 3D buildings with high resolution textures look great on the platform

CyberCity 3D is looking forward to building something powerful with Agency9. From long range planning to instant community outreach, CityPlanner makes time and cost analysis easy, straight from the browser. You can get started yourself and sign up to try CityPlanner for free. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead with this emerging platform.

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