3D Streaming Maps Update

CyberCity 3D, Inc. took a giant step forward this week with our streaming 3D Smart Buildings. Our precision 3D data is the perfect match for our streaming partner, Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) and Cesium, its virtual 3D streaming globe and map engine. We’re so excited about how fast the performance is, and how smoothly Cesium’s platform handles all of the valuable data that is packed into the map.

Check out the pilot stream of our Cambridge dataset here! All 17 sq km streams to your desktop or mobile device on your browser (Google Chrome recommended). Explore the city in 3D- you’ll notice some impressive new features:

Hover over buildings for a yellow highlight. Click on one, and the selection turns green

Highlighted building select: Hover over any of the thousands of buildings to highlight a specific structure. Click on it, and an attribute window instantly pops up detailing the address, dimensions, and other geometric measurements. Each building is packed with information and ready for spatial analysis.

The Cambridge map includes tree points (green circles) and drainage basins (blue squares)

Integration of city data: In addition to our 3D smart buildings, you’ll notice a few other layers in this pilot. We collected tree points, catch basins, and land-use information from the Cambridge GIS department. As with the buildings, just click on any point and the information will pop up for the selected feature. The potential for clients to seamlessly add their unique proprietary data to their own 3D globe is huge!

Tiled buildings: This is more of a behind-the-scenes development, but the reason the buildings load so fast is due to an innovative new system for grouping the buildings together into tiles to reduce the number of network requests and WebGL draw calls. We couldn’t be more pleased with the lightning fast rendering time.

This is a huge step towards the volumes of information we want to ultimately deliver with 3D streaming services. While there’s still work to be done, we are open for business! Follow us for upcoming features including streaming textured buildings, customized information in the pop-up windows, and real-time data updates. The Smart City movement is here. Get on board!

Cambridge Streaming Map: LINK

Cesium Blog Post: LINK

CyberCity 3D Website: LINK

By Austin Logie

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