What is a Smart City?

The term “Smart City” is a growing buzzword in the GIS and Sustainability spaces. CyberCity 3D is an integral part of the Smart City movement, but what exactly does that mean? What makes a Smart City “smart”, and who actually benefits from it?

At its core, a Smart City is a concept aimed at providing a set of new generation services and infrastructure utilizing information and communication technologies. Smart cities leverage a combination of robust data integration and state-of-the art innovations for everything from energy management systems to security networks. Accurate 3D building models, with CyberCity 3D leading the way, bolster this process by enhancing implementation and performance.

Large-scale infrastructure software upgrades, deployed by tech giants such as Cisco and IBM, are among the reasons that Smart City Infrastructure is projected as a $30-$40 trillion industry over the next 20 years.

As a result of this recent push for more intelligent infrastructure, planners are scrambling to keep up. The urban planning software market has made major progress in providing the tools urban planners and designers need to analyze their city’s operations and growth. CyberCity 3D works with many of the leaders in this space, with each player offering exciting solutions that incorporate high resolution 3D into the planning, design, and analysis of smart cities:

CyberCity 3D Smart City platform partners

As you can see above, there are several companies looking to usher cities into the Smart City movement. They all are turning to 3D for visualization of the built environment, and all have engaged with CyberCity 3D for utilization of our world-leading 3D data. While the Smart City relies on more than 3D buildings, cities are increasingly finding that an accurate 3D basemap, comprised of models that include measurement attributes, acts as a collaborative foundation on which other forms of planning and design can take place. For example, CyberCity 3D models enable engineers to visualize neighborhood consumption patterns, and give stakeholders the chance to make a more informed decision on city-wide energy management.

Tech giant IBM is making the Smart City a priority

Substantial growth in the Smart City movement is obvious, but deeper traction is crucial to the burgeoning power it promises. The more planners, engineers, and city leaders that adopt these new technologies, the greater the impact for community efficiency, safety, and growth. CyberCity 3D is proud to be an important part of the process, and we look forward to working with these platforms to impact future of urban development.

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